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Sew Easy Yellow Numbered Decorative Pins (11-20)

This 100 pack of decorative numbered pins 11-20 is perfect for keeping track of all your rows and blocks in your quilt designs. Never again lose track of your organized materials!

These pins are so handy for your quilting and craft projects, when you need to organize your project design during assembly, or keep track of your rows and columns. Especially when cutting out your materials, these pins will make organizing your materials a breeze!

You can now put your quilt away with confidence, no need to remember the order of sewing, or which rows go where and what directions they should be pieced. Just use the numbered pins in the order you need to sew. An easy answer to a quilting dilemma.

The numbered Pins are reusable with an easy to use numbered flat head pin that is 43 mm long and made from high quality stainless steel. The pins remain in the fabric, even when it is days or weeks before you can get back to the project.

The Numbered Pins come in a 100 piece pack with 10 of each number, perfect for any size project or multiple projects!

Features of the Decorative Numbered Pins 11-20:

- They can be used with layered or thick fabric for both quilting and dress making
- Decorative Numbered Pins are a perfect solution for organizing quilt blocks, rows and columns when order is important to the design
- High quality, easy to handle flat head pins to keep your sewing and crafting projects organized
- Allows customization with a marker to add more numbers or letters if desired
- 100 Pieces (Numbers 11-20 x 10 Pieces each)
- Fine sharp point and extra long 43 mm pins
- Easy to handle flat heads
- The pins are presented in a double-sided, re-usable storage box for convenience
- Great for quilting or sewing

These useful numbered pins are also available in numbers 1 through to 10. Therefore there is no limit to the possibilities of combinations and numbers you can create to assist you with your quilting and craft projects!