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Sew Inspired, Serger, Embroidery & IQ Designer

Serger Club -  3rd Saturday of every month @ 10am - 11:30am


This month we will be exploring how to use your cording foot to insert a zipper and a quick and easy way to make and turn tubes.



Sew Inspired Club - Tuesday AFTER the 3rd Saturday of every month @ 10am - 11:30am  


Something sneaky is coming your way in March. Yes, I will be showing (off) my sneakers and going over how you can create your very own, custom sneakers to wow your friends. We will also go over some sewing basics, such as when and what type of interfacing to use, grading seams, how to do specific stitches such as understitching and topstitching, etc.



Embroidery and IQ Designer Club - Tuesday AFTER the 3rd Saturday of every month @ noon - 1:30pm


I love how we can use modern technology to get traditional looks. Take Trapunto for example, the traditional way could be very time consuming, but with an embroidery machine you can get the same look and feel in a fraction of the time. So, in March we will look at a variety of ways to create beautiful Trapunto designs using your embroidery machine. Then, if you have the IQ Designer, how to craft your very own original trapunto design.

Sew Inspired, Serger, Embroidery & IQ Designer

$ 250.00