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Thread Painting/ Free-motion Embroidery

Class is Oct. 25 at 10am - 1pm

Skill Level: Intermediate

What you will learn:

In this class you will be using a straight stitch in free motion mode to create a beautiful embroidery of your own design. But not to fear, you do NOT have to keep your stitch length exactly the same, in fact, your embroidery will look so much better with a variety of stitch lengths. I think that is why I love thread painting, you have the freedom to just relax and ‘paint’ away. I will have some coloring books to help with ideas, or you can bring your own sketches. This class will just be on the creation of an embroidery design, you will NOT be making a finished project in class. The sample embroidery you make in class can be used however you want; I chose to use it on a market tote just as an example. We will be using heavier stable fabrics in class, just to make life easier.

What you need to bring (supply list):

Click here to view the supply list.

Meet your instructor:
Gail Reinke - Click here to read bio. ● (703) 368-7169

Thread Painting/ Free-motion Embroidery

$ 65.00
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