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About Shannon Melick


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Hello all!
I've always been rather passionate when it comes to clothes.  Growing up, my outfits had to be just right, I was incredibly picky when shopping, and I used to go on impassioned rants about impractical aspects of garments I saw in the stores.  One day, I decided to try and do something about it.  Armed with a background in fine arts, illustration, and basic sewing from a childhood of quilting, I began to sew garments for myself that I couldn't find in the stores. 

When the time came to start looking at colleges, it was clear that fashion was the way to go.  During my time at Pratt Institute, I discovered my love of historical costume, taking inspiration from the past to inform my contemporary designs.  I became taken with the idea of creating collections that told a story with garments.  My infatuation with costuming only grew when I interned with the Washington National Opera's costume studio for a summer, and was exposed to the  behind-the-scenes workings of the Opera and the incredible works of art that are the costumes.
My love of costume also led me to get involved in the cosplay/costumer community, making my own costumes and modelling them.   Cosplay introduced me to an amazing community of innovative costumers and gave me the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with them for projects and photo shoots.  I have met many irreplaceable friends over the years and am truly greatful for that.

Through teaching, I hope to share the same joy that sewing has brought me with all of my students.  I look forward to meeting you all.

Best wishes,

Shannon Melick