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Mindy Camp

Sewing and quilting quickly became a passion of mine about 15 years ago when my aunt, Dee, encouraged me to take a beginning sewing class.  In this class I learned the basics of using a sewing machine and constructed a simple tote bag out of upholstery remnants.  I was so excited to learn all about the things I could make with my new sewing machine that I began to go to the fabric store and purchase more and more fabric!  Soon I was making clothes for my 3 daughters, tote bags, pillows, and quilts for my family.  It wasn't long before I began to sew wallets, purses, and other handmade items to sell at local craft shows.  I learned most of my skills from watching numerous YouTube videos and practicing techniques until I had them mastered.  I have worked in local quilt shops over the years and have taught many classes from quilting, wallets, stuffed animal construction, as well as basic sewing skills.  I look forward to helping you learn a new skill and share my passion of sewing and creating with fabric.