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Kathy Schumer

Hi!  I became fascinated with sewing at an early age when my grandmother would take me to Benjamin Franklin and buy a bit of fabric and she’d make me a new dress on her trusty treadle singer machine.  She would let me sew a seam or two.  Since my mother didn’t sew, we didn’t have a machine at home, but when the 7th grade rolled around, I chose Home Economics more to learn to sew than to cook, but I learned that too.  Since my parents found value in my making my own clothes, and mending, I was gifted a sewing machine for my 8th grade graduation present.  Afterwards, I took Home Ec/sewing all through high school.  I made all of my prom dresses and civilian clothes (we wore uniforms).  I made my wedding dress and my bridesmaids’ dresses, my husband’s work clothes and everything for my babies.  I’ve been sewing ever since. Currently, I occasionally make garments but my love is making quilts.

I started quilting in the early 1980’s and did everything by hand.  I eventually eased my way into making more pieced quilts over the years.  About 10 years ago, I bought my first longarm quilter and 9 years ago I opened my longarm business, where I quilt for others and provide employment for 2 other quilters. 

I have found that my passion for piecing is the creative process.  For my personal projects, I seldom follow patterns and prefer the creative process.