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About Anne Earle

Anne Earl

I began sewing over 60 years ago, and took up quilting 14 years ago to make a baby quilt for my first grandchild.  A former elementary school teacher, I retired in 2001 as executive director of a Virginia non-profit.  During my quilting journey I have made numerous quilts for family and friends, and now my main quilting  focuses on  making “Prayer and Comfort Quilts”  through our tiny church on an island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  To date, a friend on the island and I have completed over 100 of these special quilts.  This summer I got to meet Jenny Doan (Missouri Star Quilting’s founder) at “Jenny on the Road” in Michigan.  After raising our family in Manassas, where we lived for 25 years,  we retired to Florida for 11 years, and now with my husband of 50 years,  live in Front Royal. I enjoy  teaching quilting to others—especially friends, our daughters and  granddaughters.  Every quilting project becomes an opportunity to learn something new (even if it means ripping out something!).  Let’s have fun quilting together!!