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Sewing Classes & Clubs
Here at Berger's we offer a wide variety of sewing classes. Don't see something you like, simply call and ask, we are more than happy to make a class around what YOU want to learn. Whether you are new to sewing or an old pro just looking for some fun and new crafting projects. Check back often to see what's New! 

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his is a great class to learn how to use your differential feed and gathering foot on your serger to gather and seam in one step! It is also a great skirt to use up all those scraps of fabric that are just a bit too large to toss. You will also learn how to do a beautiful rolled hem with decorative thread for the last tier, and how to either make a casing or sew the elastic directly onto the skirt for a super quick waistband.

Cost: $ 65.00
Wonky Stars Workshop
- Jan 27, 2024 10:00 am

Come learn how to create your own galaxy of wonky stars! During this workshop you will learn to make a basic wonky star, then start practicing some variations.

Cost: $ 65.00
Applique is such a fun and creative way to embellish just about anything, and with your sewing machine it is also quick and easy. Here is what you will learn: How to do a quick and easy turned edge applique, Raw edge applique so the edge will fringe, ,Blanket stitch raw edge applique - fused so it will not unravel, Satin stitch applique

Cost: $ 65.00
Solaris Quilt Border Function
- Dec 12, 2023 10:00 am

The quilting border function on the Solaris is accurate and very easy if you understand a few fundamentals. This will be a hand-on class, because, quite honestly, you learn so much better if you are actually performing the actions and not just observing. You will be measuring, hooping, lining up, etc.; everything you will need to practice so you will have the confidence and knowledge to do this on your beautiful quilts. You need to have a good working knowledge of using your machine in embroidery mode.

Cost: $ 65.00
PHD Workshop (Projects Half Done)
- Dec 15, 2023 02:00 pm

Projects Half Done? we all have a few! This workshop is designed to help you over that hump that is keeping you from finishing your sewing and quilting projects! Whether you need help with a specific technique, or just quality time to push through the volume of sewing to be done, we are here to help.

Cost: $ 35.00
Most patterns are drafted for ladies with a B cup and a certain size upper arm, but we all know that many of us do not fit into that category (or pattern). And if we make the pattern according to our Bust measurement, then the neck and shoulders are inevitably too large or too small. This class is a very basic how to alter the bust to aa A, C or D cup, and how to adjust the upper sleeve (to accommodate those of us who work out at the gym, or have thin upper arms) without changing the sleeve cap size. You MUST have a basic understanding of patterns.

Cost: $ 65.00