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Sewing Classes & Clubs
Here at Berger's we offer a wide variety of sewing classes. Don't see something you like, simply call and ask, we are more than happy to make a class around what YOU want to learn. Whether you are new to sewing or an old pro just looking for some fun and new crafting projects. Check back often to see what's New! 

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Upcoming Classes & Clubs:

June 2021 Quilting, Embroidery, Serging, and Sewing Club: Transformations - From Drab to Fab

T-shirts and sweatshirts are a staple in our wardrobes, but that does not mean they need to be boring.

Paper Piecing with Rosie

This class is a step by step visual guide to learn to paper piece. It is a lot of fun and goes quickly once you get used to paper piecing

Serger Ins and Outs

Serger still sitting in the box? Terrified of all those threads? Have no idea what stitch to use? In this class we will go over the basics of your serger, from the loopers, to threading, tensions, the various 3 and 4 thread stitches, feet, and some useful techniques. Everything you will need to know to start using your serger with confidence.

Jul 17
Sewing 101: I have a machine, now what?
Jul 20
Sewing 101: I have a machine, now what?

Classes & Clubs:

Online Classses:
Intro to Sewing with Gail
A sewing machine is a big investment, so you need to be sure it is being taken care of in the best way possible. Simple things such as cleaning, correct needles, threads, and tensions make all the difference. In this online tutorial I will be going over the basics of needles, threads and tensions as well as explaining the parts of a sewing machine and what they do, the various feet, and the correct way to sew.

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Straight Out Of Line Block of the Month Class

The Straight Out Of Line quilt ruler by Creative Grids is very unique and more versatile than you might think. Over the next 3 months we will post 3 videos showing 3 basic blocks that can be sewn together in multiple ways to get so many great effects, from chevrons and pinwheels to illusions of curves. It all comes down to color, mirroring (or not), and rotating to get so many variations from each basic block.

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Sew Along Series: Cork or Vinyl No-Turn Fully Lined Zipper Bag

We love cork, vinyl and other very stiff fabrics, but if we need to sew a seam and then turn it right side out, it can be a bit tricky. So, to rid ourselves of these issues, I came up with this cute zipper bag where there is no turning of the heavy, stiff fabric, just a simple binding of the edges and a quick and easy way to insert the zipper and you are done. This is a sew along class, and you will need to have everything cut and ready to start sewing, but it will also be recorder to watch anytime. The finished purse is about 9 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall, but you can make it any size once you understand the concept.

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Meet Our Instructors:
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Rosie Blok

Gail Reinke

Anne Earle

Frequently Asked Questions

Class FAQs

How to register for classes?
  • Call the Store to register by phone (703) 368-7169
  • Buy via PayPal
  • Stop by the store to see us!

What should I bring to class?

  • If you are doing a one on one or private lesson please speak with the instructor to determine what types of materials you will be needing for your class.
  • Group classes will have materials sent to you after payment for the class is received.

What if there is a storm or inclement weather?
  • If there is a storm or weather is preventative of safe travel for either our teachers or our students the class will be rescheduled for the next convenient safe date. If you do not feel safe coming out in weather conditions on your end although the class was not cancelled, we would be happy to reschedule your class time. For class cancellations you will be notified by phone first then an e-mail will be sent as well notifying you of the cancellation.

What are the classroom policies?
  • All Machines used in the classroom should be in good working order before the day of your lesson. (If you are unsure of the condition of your machine, simply bring it in for a going over a week before your class.)
  • To Schedule a Class, payment in full must be received in order to lock in your class time. Scheduling is on a first come first served basis.
    • I do not mind if you are tardy, however the end time of your scheduled class is the end time. If someone is scheduled 3-4, arriving at 3:10, no longer means the lesson will go to 4:10.

What if I am late or I miss a class?

  • No Shows will be handled with the one strike and you are out policy with no refund.( I understand life gets hectic, one no show will be allowed one reschedule, after that payment is forfeited.
  • If you call 24 hours before your lesson, we are willing reschedule up to 1 time. After the second cancellation payment is forfeited.

What is QESS Club?
  • Quilting, Embroidery, Serging and Sewing (QESS) club is a lecture and demonstration series where each month we will present books, patterns (both sewing and embroidery), notions, specialty threads, feet and expert instructions pertaining to sewing, quilting, embroidery, and serging.

When is QESS Club?
  • QESS Club meets every third Saturday and the following Tuesday of the month.

How much does QESS Club cost?
  • Yearly Membership cards available for $120.00 which includes 20% discount on all notions/fabrics on club day. Walk-ins are available at $15.00 per session, but no discounts.