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About Christina Harrigan

Christina Harrigan

Hi everyone!  My name is Christina, and sewing is one of my favorite hobbies!  When I was growing up, my mom could not sew, not even a button.  My best friend’s mom started a 4-H Club when we were 8 years old, and I learned not only sewing, but also cooking, baking, project management, public speaking, and most importantly, leadership skills.  As my sewing skills grew, my projects became more complicated.  By the time I was 15, I was making most of my wardrobe and winning awards.  As a young adult, quilting became my passion, and quilt history allowed me to delve into traditional designs in both textiles and quilt construction.  Wherever I traveled, I could always find a quilt shop or meet a fellow quilter to exchange stories and even fabrics.  Once I had my own family, I became a volunteer 4-H leader and taught sewing.  I’ve been a member of various quilt guilds and worked in quilt and bridal shops in Vermont. I’ve helped our local schools with alterations to band uniforms, concert attire, and costumes for various theatre and dance performances. 

I consider sewing a “sustainable” life skill as it will empower you to reuse and repurpose garments in new, creative ways.  We all should be able to make basic alterations and repairs to clothing to extend their useful life, as well as make unique gifts or add a personal touch to our homes with pillows, quilts, table décor and the like. 

Why should YOU learn to sew? 

  • Sewing fosters independence, confidence, and sparks creativity with textiles!
  • Sewing is gratifying as you can see and share what you’ve made, and enjoy the results.
  • Sewing is a sew-cial (social) activity! It can be done independently as well as in groups.  Ever heard of a Quilting Bee?  
  • Sewing helps strengthen math skills, and is a great way to combat boredom, while having a purpose.

I look forward to helping you learn to sew!